"i want to apologize to all the women i have called beautiful
before i’ve called them intelligent or brave
i am sorry i made it sound as though
something as simple as what you’re born with
is all you have to be proud of
when you have broken mountains with your wit
from now on i will say things like
you are resilient, or you are extraordinary
not because i don’t think you’re beautiful
but because i need you to know
you are more than that"

~rupi kaur  (via thegirlwiththelittlecurl)
"Who is the last person that made you smile?"
asked by Anonymous

my roomies :)

"The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink."

~T.S. Eliot (via peterthewebslingerparker)
"How much of human life is lost in waiting."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson (via blue-voids)